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Hello. I used to produce music as Retroman, but now I just go by Osman. My music spans multiple genres, but my mainstays are 8Bit, Classical, EDM, IDM, Drum and Bass, Synthwave, and Hip Hop. Please, consider following me if any of that appeals to you.

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RetromanOMG's News

Posted by RetromanOMG - February 9th, 2011

And I'm taking a break from producing. No ideas.

Posted by RetromanOMG - January 25th, 2011

Well, I'm working on two songs right now. One is an 8Bit rap beat that was requested from another user, and the other is a cover of Fountain of Dreams from the Kirby series.

Unlike the other 400 remixes/covers of this song, I'm trying to make it as hardcore as I can. Hopefully that'll work out.

Now here's why it might not. My headphones are broken now. I had a situation involving a BLT sandwich and wound up throwing my headphones at the wall. Now I'm using a really cheap pair. It's hard to head the different levels of sound in my songs now, since these damn things don't pick them up, and it's really slowing down the production of these two songs.

Whatever. Have a nice day.

Posted by RetromanOMG - January 21st, 2011

Well, I have a new song that I'm working on right now. It's a remake of the first Chiptunes song I ever made after getting a bunch of VSTs like Peach, Toad and ProtoPSG.

Although this remake will be a lot longer than the original (about 4-5 minutes), the same VSTs from the original will be used, enhanced by the things I've learned so far.

That will probably be done tomorrow. Enjoy, my two fans.

Posted by RetromanOMG - January 18th, 2011

Had a thought today.

I love my newest songs, Bitpop through Golden Godzillatron, but I really hate Dat Beeshbawl, a Dubstep track I made.

After some more thought, it occurred to me that I couldn't draw any sort of emotional response from my Dubstep track. It's essentially a soulless mass of noise that I can't enjoy like I thought I could.

I still like Dubstep (more or less), but I'm not sure I'm going to make another song in that genre.

Just saying. Also, "Brainwaves" sounds like a cool title for a song. I might use that to name a new song of mine.

Posted by RetromanOMG - January 17th, 2011

Hi. I'm RetromanOMG, creator of such hits as "The Fire Behemoth" and "Bitpop." I'm here to tell you that although I usually upload here for the listening pleasure of others, there are songs I produce that don't end up here.

Why's that, you might ask?

Because the majority of Newgrounds consists of 10 Norwegian hipsters who can't handle anything but Trance and cookiecutter DnB. As such, most of my more ear-friendly songs go here.

On my Soundcloud account, however, you probably won't find such gems. It's there that I keep beta versions of songs I never wanted to finish and experiments with new sounds, among which are:

http://soundcloud.com/retromanomg/i-ca n-seeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee eeeeeeeee
http://soundcloud.com/retromanomg/i-fu ckin-hate-you-channing

Enjoy, if you can.

Posted by RetromanOMG - January 12th, 2011

My newest song, Bitpop, has done surprisingly well. Like, SURPRISINGLY. For a song I don't feel I put enough emotion into, it sure has tickled the emotions of those who've listened to it, and that rocks.

Anyway, I have some flps floating around right now, I might finish one of them and upload it to NG.

One in particular is "One Last Look," a parallel track to my favorite song, "Expedition to Mount Revenant." I decided to start on it after hearing a song by my friend, Openlight, which alluded to "Expedition."

The only work I've put into it so far are the string samples, which had to be recorded separately for space, but it sounds nice so far.

Aaaaaaaand, one more thing.
http://openlight.newgrounds.com OpenLight. Listen to his music, it is badass.

Posted by RetromanOMG - January 5th, 2011

My newest song is Dubstep. I decided to give it a serious go, and I think it turned out well for my first.

There, I made a post.

Posted by RetromanOMG - December 17th, 2010

New song up on NG. Enjoy.

I have nothing for a news post. Whatever.

Posted by RetromanOMG - December 4th, 2010

Well, I have two songs in the works right now, one being for Round 3 of the Runners up Newgrounds Audio Deathmatch contest and the second for Newgrounds' Represent a Country contest.

Actually, my Round 3 entry is already finished, but I still have a lot of time before it has to be turned in, so I'm using that time to fine-tune it.


Posted by RetromanOMG - November 1st, 2010

Newground's RAC contest is finally back! If you don't know what RAC means, it's Represent A Country! I'm in it this year, and guess what country I'm repping? STORY TIME!!!

I am from a Haitian American family and have spent my whole life listening to Compas, Haiti's national music. I never saw it as a good opportunity to make a full on Compas song, although a lot of my Breakcore has long strings in it that follow the genre's standard conventions. Now that this contest is going on, I can make that song. Making the song shouldn't be too hard; it's making it good that'll be the challenge. Still, I have these ideas swirling around in my head right now.

I'm thinking of starting off with a traditional sounding beat, then segway-ing into a pumping Carnaval beat. It'll be massive.