Hello. I used to produce music as Retroman, but now I just go by Osman. My music spans multiple genres, but my mainstays are 8Bit, Classical, EDM, IDM, Drum and Bass, Synthwave, and Hip Hop. Please, consider following me if any of that appeals to you.

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RetromanOMG's News

Posted by RetromanOMG - October 18th, 2018

Hello. I've been gone for some time.

These days, I'm too busy with everyday life to devote much time to music or Newgrounds, but as of today, I do have some new music to share with the community.

My newest track is called "Horology," and it can be found here: https://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen/828676 .

I will be back with more music when it is ready.


Posted by RetromanOMG - August 21st, 2017

So far, I've had a surprisingly productive year. When I began my "Osman." project, I didn't actually expect to get so much inspiration for new songs.

With that said, there are two tracks coming shortly after my newest release, "Power! Rushing Burstman!" These two tracks are "Srviving," which was actually finished months ago and was never uploaded, and "The Waiting Game," which I've been putting together between my other tracks since March. Those two will be on Newgrounds very soon.

If you'd like to listen to "Power! Rushing Burstman!" you can hear it at the link: http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen/761583

In the meantime, I sincerely hope you enjoy listening to the music I'm putting out!



Posted by RetromanOMG - May 1st, 2017

Hello, Newgrounds. A year ago, I lost pretty much all musical inspiration, and went about living a more normal life. Now I'm back, but I no longer feel comfortable releasing music under the name "Retroman."

Any uploads I make to this site will be conducted under my new moniker, "Osman." To get the ball rolling, I've uploaded a Trap tune, titled "Nailgun," to the page. I'd finished it back in March, but neglected to post it here.


I sincerely hope you dig it. I'll be back in time, with more music.


Posted by RetromanOMG - March 21st, 2016

Hey there, what's up? I just completed a new piece of music, "Sepulveda Sunset." It's big on the classic 80's synthpop, and I hope it rocks your world! You can listen to it here, please tell me what you think!


Posted by RetromanOMG - February 18th, 2016

So, I'm back from being mostly absent for much of a year. I've decided not to release an EP anymore. Here's why:

I do my music part time, in the most literal sense. I go to college full time, plus I work full time. I only open my computer to work on a song when I have an opportunity between those two priorities. As a result, it can take months to finish a song (for reference, my two most recent uploads, Saturn V and Sojourn, took about 4 months and 2 months to complete, respectively). For my EP, I was spending huge amounts of time to finish any one song, just to sit on it while I spent even more time working on newer songs. Plus, as I continue to do this, I'm going to get better and make nicer-sounding music, so it becomes a matter of releasing a bunch of music with clear peaks and troughs in their production quality from one song to the next.

Ultimately, I've decided that it's better to just finish my music and release it as I always have. I never planned to sell my EP anyway, so there's no major loss in doing this.

To that end, here are Sojourn and Saturn V, songs from what was going to be my EP. In a few days, I'll upload the third song, and from that point moving forward, I'll be back to producing new songs as I normally do.

http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen/670371 Sojourn

http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen/671701 Saturn V

Posted by RetromanOMG - November 17th, 2015

So, I don't upload as frequently as I used to, but there's now a good reason for it: I'm working on my first EP!

Well, to be fair, I've been working on it for the last year, but I finished the first song recently, and am about halfway through the second. My plan is to have five songs on it, with all of them being released for free, like all of my music.

I have a sort of track listing of my finished songs, as well as the two I want to have on it.

1. Old Giants (Chiptunes/Hip Hop)

2. Saturn V (Breakbeat/Chillwave)

3. Nailgun (Hardstyle/Trap) (Subject to change)

4. Let's All Go to Waffle House (Prog. House/Trance)

5. Almost Home (ambient/experimental)

In the meantime, if you head to my Soundcloud, I toss up a bunch of interstitial music I'm messing around with there. Nothing destined for Newgrounds, just remixes and experimental tunes.


Posted by RetromanOMG - September 17th, 2015

…So, I’ve gotten just a little bored with making music. The short of it is that I really don’t like that everything I make now sounds the same; Slow-moving, sad piano tunes. The full story is that my music, as it must be for everyone else that creates, is an expression of how I’m feeling at the time, and I’ve pretty much felt the same for a long time now. Two years ago, around this time, I was equal parts miserable and angry, and I think my music reflected that. And, looking back, I really enjoy the stuff I made during that time. But as time passed and I moved on, I never really found anything new to really be happy about, or to even feel any real passion for. So, though I’ll have my occasional high points, it tends to just devolve into me feeling a whole lot of nothing. So, my music, which is the thing I turn to in order to relieve my stress, ends up coming out sounding like a whole lot of nothing. As a result, I’m bored with my creative output, and most of the time, I go to my computer and open up my software with more resentment than inspiration. This year has been my most unproductive yet, and it's mostly because I just can't motivate myself to make new music anymore.

With that said, shortly after finishing "No Air," my newest song, I was stuck with inspiration for yet another song. I hope I can finish it, and share it with you all soon.

Posted by RetromanOMG - August 17th, 2015

Apparently, I'd anticipated losing my files at some point, and saved them to an external hard drive, which I've just found.

Currently moving everything back to my laptop, while listening to "Alone and Adrift" in FL.

Posted by RetromanOMG - July 12th, 2015

A folder that had a lot of my project files from 2012-present become corrupted and had to be deleted a few hours ago. So, I basically lost a good amount of music, which hurts. This sucks especially because some of the files in that folder were for yet-unfinished song to be included on my EP.

So, I guess I'm starting over.

Posted by RetromanOMG - May 6th, 2015

Haven't produced anything meaningful in the last few months, primarily because of the state my computer was in, and secondarily because I've just had no ideas. But, I have created a soundtrack for a student film, which I hope to share with you soon, and have actually retired my PC and gotten a new one.

So, let's see if we can make some new music now.