Mohenjo Daro (New song idea)

2013-03-08 00:45:05 by RetromanOMG

Last September, I made a song called Istishhad, which combined elements of Indian music with Hip Hop and Classical music. Since I uploaded it to Newgrounds, it's been a small goal of mine to do another song like it.

This one's going to be called Mohenjo Daro, and it will incorporate tabla, sitar, and tambura in the instrumentation, just as Istishhad did, but I want to mix it with House this time. Furthermore, I plan on introducing many other Asian instruments to this new song. I hope to make it every bit as creative as Istishhad was, if not more.


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2013-03-08 03:31:37

Sounds awesome, love those kinda fusions


2013-05-02 22:13:16

I just listened to it, and it was great! You make good music, man. I hope you are proud of your creations!