2013-09-23 19:53:39 by RetromanOMG

Hey, guys. I sorta dropped off the face of the earth after my last upload, like two months ago. I fell into that nasty bad ole' depression again, then my girlfriend broke up with me, then I started school and a new job, and that's all been lovely. Anyway, I haven't killed myself, I'm actually doing great right now. I don't have any new uploads planned for Newgrounds at the moment, but if you just direct yourself to my Soundcloud, you can listen to what I've been messing with between classes, work shifts and shots of vodka.

Something from my SC that you can expect to see very soon, though, is "Of Alabaster, Of Aquamarine," which I have some changes to make to before it's ready. Also, expect my short loop, "Human," to be worked on and released...eventually.

Furthermore, though I'm not always pumping out tunes, I am doing...stuff. If you have a Tumblr, you should follow me or something.

Alright, that's all. Have a good day.


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2013-09-23 21:10:55

I will never forgive you.

RetromanOMG responds:



2013-09-23 21:17:24

Better than most of the hiatuses out there that leave you hanging 1 or 2 years from some popular artists, those are wayyyy worse. Anyways, sorry to hear all that but keep doin whatcha do, good luck.

RetromanOMG responds:

Ugh, I hate those. I miss Oscillist so much, he doesn't even have an NG account anymore.

I visit Newgrounds every day, though, so I'll try to at least keep you guys updated when I'm not churning out tunes.

It's weird to think that I sort of have a following on this site, haha.


2013-09-23 22:03:22



2013-09-24 00:39:32

Retroman makes his comeback!


2013-09-24 12:05:08

Great news! A good day to you too.


2013-10-01 13:49:59

Excellent! I listened to your new song Human and I think it is great! And don't worry about not uploading new things, I understand (like I matter, lol xD). Really sorry to hear things haven't been the best, but at least there's school!

Anyway, keep up the good work. I always hope to hear more from you. Oh, and have a good day too.